18 October 2012

New on sackettfamily.info

The Sackett Family Association website sackettfamily.info has been updated with the following new and revised pages:

I would be pleased to add more pictures to the Westfield 2012 reunion gallery if others who attended have photographs in their cameras that would fill gaps in the record.

We spoke at the Reunion about the Newspaper research project. Peg Eddy has made a start on some extracts. There is plenty to do if others would like to contribute. The new page for recent additions will, it is hoped, make it easier for readers to keep abreast of items being added to the archive, and may also provide a spur to progress with the project. The page will show items added in recent months on a rolling basis.

The Samuel Arthur Sackett memoir was contributed to the mailing list in 2000 by Denzil Klippel. I came across it again in Thurmon King's database when compiling new member Byra Sackett's ancestry. This vivid memoir, as recorded by Samuel's daughter Julia in 1930, now appears in the History & Memoirs section of the website.

Also in History & Memoirs is Jean Carpenter's fascinating account of the surprise in store for her when she set about researching her great-grandfathers who had served in the Civil War. A great read!


  1. Chris,

    Where can I find the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, which you listed in your email?

  2. Anne,

    The page is at http://sackettfamily.info/nygenealogicalrecord.htm