01 January 2013

New on sackettfamily.info

The Sackett Family Association website sackettfamily.info has been updated with the following new and revised pages:
The page for Weygant's The Family Record has transcriptions of Sackett entries in issues 1 (Jan 1897), 5 (May 1897), and 9/10 (Sep & Oct 1897). These are the only issues of the magazine of which I have copies. Other members having complete sets may like to check to see if there is more Sackett data in other issues.

Thank you to Betty-Jeanne Grant and Helen Jeffries for pictures and documentation on their ancestors. Charles "Chuck" Sackett has sent a picture of Nelson G Sackett, and Terri Carlson has provided additional data on the transcriptions of Pittsfield Families (specifically entries 3:225 Capt William Francis, and 4:98–99 Oren Goodrich).

The documentation sent by Betty-Jeanne Grant appears on Patricia Gwendoline White's page (see links to images in Notes and Citations). Other members may wish to send images of documents relating to their Sackett ancestral lines. As a general rule documents for publication should be items not otherwise easily available on research websites. Please send to Chris Sackett, not to the Mailing List as the list cannot handle attachments.


  1. I'm going to be within 15 mile of New Haven Ct in a few weeks. Thought I would visit the Grove Street Cemetery while in the area. Will be first time to New Haven. Is there any other must see Sackett spots in New Haven that I should also include?

  2. Leonard,
    I suggest you post your enquiry to the Sackett mailing list. You'll then get replies from other Sacketts with knowledge of the New Haven area.