14 November 2009

Planning starts for 2010 Sackett reunion

The next Sackett Family Reunion is being planned to be held in Portland, Oregon, in July 2010.

Convener Kathy James will be pleased to receive comments, suggestions, or offers of help.

See Reunion News #1 November 2009 for more information.

31 October 2009

Kathy James is 2010 reunion convener

The Sackett Family Association Committee are delighted to announce that Kathryn James has kindly stepped forward to take on the job of 2010 Reunion Convener.
She is already at work on plans to hold the event in Portland, Oregon, in July of next year.

15 October 2009

Was this rifle made by Jacob Sackett?

Kelly Harriger of Brookville, PA, writes asking for help in identifying a late-percussion period target rifle.

A collector of western Pennsylvania longrifles has suggested that it bears the style of Jacob Sackett of Sagerstown, in Crawford County, PA. It will be recalled that we ran an article in the January 2005 TSFA Newsletter, "Jacob T. Sackett, Blacksmith, Gunsmith and Violin Maker" by William B. Moore, reprinted from the Newsletter of the Crawford County Historical Society.
Kelly's further information on this rifle is on the website.

30 September 2009

Nathaniel Sackett, Washington's spymaster

One of the more colorful characters in Sackett history is Nathaniel Sackett who was one of George Washington's spymasters during the American Revolutionary War. Weygant's Sacketts of America includes much detail on Nathaniel, including the text of the letter from Washington appointing Nathaniel to the service of his country.
More material is now available on the Internet at the Library of Congress and at the
University of Virginia. Transcripts of a number of letters to and from Nathaniel have been added to The Sackett Family Association website. These give a fascinating insight into conditions during the war. The new material is included in a biographical sketch of Nathaniel which is included in the Notables section.
There is very likely more material to be had on this subject and others may wish to join in the hunt.

31 July 2009

Jeffery Sackett, Mayor of Sandwich

By an extraordinary coincidence, the gravestones of Jeffery Sackett and his family at St Mary's Church, Sandwich, were "discovered" twice in one afternoon by Sackett Family Association members attending the reunion in Thanet, Kent, last September.
Jean Carpenter and her brother Mike Trickey can claim the first sighting, and this was followed an hour or so later by Steve and Debbie Barbee, accompanied by Chris Sackett.
Jeffery Sackett, 1617-1695, was three times Mayor of Sandwich. His biographical sketch includes details of his father's will—he was effectively disinherited by his father—and of a lengthy case in the Chancery Court which Marion Sackett had researched some years ago.
The court case, a sorry tale of greed and marital disharmony from which our man does not emerge well, is a sad reminder that human nature is not much changed down the ages.

15 July 2009

Mike Sackett visits Sackets Harbor

Mike Sackett and Mary Volberding recently visited Sackets Harbor where they toured the Sacket Mansion and met local historian, Bob Brennan. Their visit attracted the attention of the local press and an article appears on NewsWatch.

Checking up in the Sackett database reveals that Augustus Sacket, who founded Sackets Harbor, was Mike's sixth cousin, five times removed—a detail that evidently did not come readily to mind during the interview!

30 June 2009

Thurmon King's database is added to TSFA website

This month's update to The Sackett Family Association website includes the addition of Thurmon King's database. This is presented in a "raw data" format using Thurmon's data from his Legacy files processed through The Master Genealogist and Second Site. The database is also still available online in The Next Generation format.

The database has records of 33,487 people, of which 24,655 are online on TSFA website. Records of people born after about 1920 are not published for privacy reasons.

31 May 2009

Obituary — Jimmy Marr

Jimmy Marr, who died on 29 March, aged 90, was born in Guernsey and was a great-grandson of Jabez Sackett (1840–1925) who had moved to the island from Kent and then Yorkshire in about 1890.

Jimmy was a highly regarded schoolmaster in London but his passion remained his island home, in particular its rich history, of which he was an acknowledged expert. He wrote extensively on island topics. Foremost amongst his publications was his History of Guernsey, regarded as the definitive work on the subject.

His biographical sketch includes a detailed obituary.

27 May 2009

Tom Smith is new TSFA president

Tom Smith has been chosen by the new TSFA committee to serve as president for the year 2009/10. Tom was a founder member of the Association and was active on Sackett-L for some years before that. He regularly attends reunions and is also administrator of the Sackett DNA project. He was vice president last year.

Other officers for this year are Michelle Marolis, vice president; Chris Sackett, secretary; and Sandy Berry, registrar.

14 May 2009

Origin is discovered of grand piano at Sackett's Hill House

The following, received from a visitor to sackettfamily.info, not only adds a snippet of Sackett history, but also demonstrates the extraordinary reach of the Internet:

"Dear Chris,
I’ve just been reading the story about Sacketts Hill House and found it very interesting. I own the grand piano that is shown in the pictures. It was owned by Mr Lockyer, bought when he got married in about 1911 from the Army and Navy Stores in London for £50. It is nice to see it as it was back in situ up to 1935. I have the photogragh of the sitting room showing the piano. Apparently, Mr Lockyer was a musician who also sang.
Now that I know its history, I will take great care of the instrument. Again, many thanks for your site and its information.
Robert Clatworthy"

02 May 2009

New TSFA Committee elected for 2009/2010

Voting in this year's election of members to TSFA Committee closed on 30 April. The election was uncontested, there being a full quota of 12 candidates for the 12 seats. Election of these candidates has been endorsed by the votes in favor of 36 members of the Association. There were no votes against.

The new Committee comprises: Class of 2010 (to serve for one year) Thomas Smith, Glenna Hertzler, John Sackett, Darlene Sackett; Class of 2011 (to serve for two years) Jean Carpenter, Debbie Barbee, Sandy Berry, Kari Roehl; Class of 2012 (to serve for three years.) Chris Sackett, Michelle Marolis, Patti Hobbs, Kathryn James.

01 May 2009

TSFA website wins Guild award

The Sackett Family Association has won second place in the websites category of the Guild of One-Name Studies publication awards 2009.

23 April 2009

The two Alfred Barrett Sacketts

Amongst the UK passenger arrivals records are those of a number of journeys made by the two Alfred Barrett Sacketts.

ABS1—The Revd Alfred Barrett Sackett (1862–1951)—served as Chaplain to the Forces in Gibraltar before and during the First World War. He was awarded the OBE for this work.

ABS2, his son,—Alfred Barrett Sackett (1895–1977)—was a distinguished headmaster of Kingswood School in Bath, Somerset, and was an active leader in the Methodist church.

17 April 2009

UK incoming passenger lists may help identify Sacketts in India

A large number of UK passenger arrivals records are posted this month on The Sackett Family Association website. These are transcribed from images of original records and cover the period 1878–1960.

Further work is needed to identify some of the passengers. Others are well-known to us. Amongst these is the Hon Frederic Moseley Sackett, making the transatlantic voyage in 1930 to take up his appointment as US Ambassador to Germany. The record shows that he stopped off en route at the American Embassy in London, presumably to meet UK dignitaries and perhaps for further briefings from the US staff there.

Several records relate to Sacketts returning from India, and these will prove helpful in identifying the families of some of the Sacketts found recently in the India Office records at the British Library.

06 April 2009

Committee candidates seek your vote

The annual election of Association Committee members is under way. Although the elections are uncontested this time around, the candidates would still appreciate your support.

These are the first elections to be held under the new rules agreed by the Association last year. These new rules were designed to encourage greater participation in Association affairs. Association president Don Hertzler and Nominating Committee chairman Tom Smith have both said how pleased they are to see a full slate of twelve candidates for seats on the Committee.

The candidates' list and their election statements may be seen on the Association website at Committee Elections 2009. Association members may vote via the website or TSFA mailing list.

05 April 2009

Sackett's Hill House photographs

A splendid collection of photographs of Sackett's Hill House has come our way, courtesy of Nick Smyth, who was born there.

Nick had been in contact with Jill Attwell of Orchard Cottage, Sackett's Hill, but had lost contact and then got in touch with Chris Sackett through The Sackett Family Association website.

Members who attended the reunion in Thanet last September will recall that we were trying to find information on the mansion house that had burned down.

Nick's contribution to our records fills in a lot of gaps. The photographs explain, too, the strange story of the owner who had installed a railway to carry his guests to the house from the main road.

The pictures, and an article about Sackett's Hill, are on the Association website at Gallery > Sackett's Hill, St Peter in Thanet, Kent.