05 April 2009

Sackett's Hill House photographs

A splendid collection of photographs of Sackett's Hill House has come our way, courtesy of Nick Smyth, who was born there.

Nick had been in contact with Jill Attwell of Orchard Cottage, Sackett's Hill, but had lost contact and then got in touch with Chris Sackett through The Sackett Family Association website.

Members who attended the reunion in Thanet last September will recall that we were trying to find information on the mansion house that had burned down.

Nick's contribution to our records fills in a lot of gaps. The photographs explain, too, the strange story of the owner who had installed a railway to carry his guests to the house from the main road.

The pictures, and an article about Sackett's Hill, are on the Association website at Gallery > Sackett's Hill, St Peter in Thanet, Kent.

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