31 January 2010

New on sackettfamily.info

This month's update to The Sackett Family Association website includes:
I have added 166 transcriptions from images of the Massachusetts vital records on the NEHGS website. The count so far is 520 Sacket/Sackett records transcribed out of a total of 648. The following years are completed: 1841–47, 1850, 1852–55, 1857–84, 1886–93. Some of the gaps are caused by poor quality images of very faint originals and I am waiting for some of these to be checked by the very helpful NEHGS staff.
The Adopt-a-newspaper research project has got off to a flying start and we have a splendid total of more than 400 transcriptions in the first month. If you have not already volunteered for this project, please do check the newspapers page on the website and consider whether you could help. States on the Library of Congress Chronicling America not yet spoken for include: CA, DC, NE, UT, WA. All these have many references to Sacketts, doubtless including much hitherto undiscovered family information.
Thurmon's database is also updated on the website this month. The database contains an amazing 34,053 people. For privacy reasons not all these are published on the website (there is a cut-off for those born after 1920), but the number published still tops 27,000. Of the total in the database, the number of Sackett descendants is about 19,700; there are 9,500 spouses of Sackett descendants; and the remainder of about 4,800 are ancestors of spouses, mostly their parents.

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