29 March 2010

New on sackettfamily.info

The following new pages have been added in March to The Sackett Family Association website:
Ancestry.co.uk have recently added images of London marriage registers to their databases and this update includes 97 marriage records not previously researched. I have taken the opportunity to reorganise the marriage records on the website. All English church marriages now appear on pages at both County and Parish level. Much confusion resulted from the formation in 1889 of the county of London which absorbed most of Middlesex and parts of Kent, Surrey, and Essex. Marriages in parishes affected by this change appear on the website in both the original county and in London, regardless of whether the marriage was before or after 1889.
The availability online of English census records (not previously indexed in their hard copy form) has made much easier the finding of Sackett households, although the eccentricities of Ancestry's indexing necessitate alertness to the possible need to include Jackets and Socketts. A further 28 households have been found in the 1891 census, and there should be more to come (the 1891 total is 75 households, compared with 120 in 1881 and 110 in 1901).
Thanks to Thurmon King for supplying transcripts and images of the two bibles. The bibles relate to the same Sackett families, who have not yet been linked to established trees.
Thanks too to the newspaper transcribers who have researched further entries. The total is 612 in just three months. I have singled out Thurmon's "Chicken" story as a "favorite" on the newspapers index page and have it in mind to compile a separate favorites page. Please feel free to suggest articles for inclusion.