30 September 2010

New on sackettfamily.info

This month's update to The Sackett Family Association website includes:
This update adds considerably to our knowledge of the genealogy of the Sackett families in India. Thanks to Thurmon King for finding the records. Nearly all the India birth, marriage, and death records have been linked to genealogical sketches, where the various family groupings may be seen.
The genealogical sketches are also now indexed by place name down to county level. This provides lists of individuals having any event in a particular place. An example of the usefulness of this feature would be to look up India in the place index, where a list of the individuals researched above may be found.
Thurmon King has updated his database and this has been uploaded to TSFA website. The online database has records of 28,167 people, up from 27,119. As well as adding more people to the database, Thurmon has added considerable amounts of new data to the records of existing people.
The Sackett Family Association extends a warm welcome to the new members, especially Anna Tabor who has probably created a record not to be broken by joining the Association at the young age of 9 days! I guess many of us would wish that we had started our genealogy studies when we were younger.
Finally, I have indulged an occasional irresistible urge to fiddle around with the look of the website. I hope you like the redesign.