31 December 2011

New on sackettfamily.info

The Sackett Family Association website sackettfamily.info has been updated with the following new pages:
Additional information on places bearing the Sackett name would be welcome. In particular, it would be interesting to know who the places were named after.

The timeline charts are an attempt to show the lifespans of some early and notable Sacketts in the context of historical events.

30 November 2011

New on sackettfamily.info

The Sackett Family Association website sackettfamily.info has been updated with the following new and revised pages:
Sackett Family Association historian Thurmon King continues to add ever more content to his database. This now contains records for 36,345 people. After removing for privacy reasons those still living or born after about 1920, records for 29,147 people are now online with this update. If you have not checked recently, you may find more information on the Sacketts in your line. If you find gaps, and you have more information, do please let Thurmon know. This is a collaborative venture!

The Association website has been accepted for preservation by the British Library UK Web Archive. The entire site will be archived by the Library at approximately six-monthly intervals, with the archived copies being publicly available. It will be interesting in years to come to see how the site contents change over time. It is also a significant step in ensuring the preservation of our laboriously gathered Sackett data.

11 November 2011

Terry Sackett's DNA test brings new discovery

DNA test results for Association member Terry Sackett have led to a significant discovery for descendants of the Vermont and New Haven lines.

We have been searching for some time for a Sackett descendant with a well-documented ancestry back to John Sackett of New Haven. Terry fitted the bill ideally as his ancestral line has good documentary evidence for each link back to John.

We had hoped that Terry's results would match those of descendants of Simon Sackett the colonist, thus proving a genetic link between Simon and John. This would have supported the family tradition quoted by Weygant in The Sacketts of America that John's father, also John, was Simon's brother. It would also have supported the theory that all Sacketts are related, originating in a single family in Thanet, Kent.

Terry's DNA does not match that of Simon's line. Instead, and rather surprisingly, it matches with several descendants of Joseph Sackett of Vermont. This means that Joseph of Vermont and all his descendants are in the line of John of New Haven. In the absence of other early immigrants, it is a reasonable conclusion that Joseph of Vermont (who is found there in the 1790 census)  was a great-grandson of John of New Haven.

This latest test result also makes it likely that Simon the colonist and John of New Haven were not related, despite the family tradition. Test results are not yet conclusive on this as John's DNA has not been determined. The common ancestor between Terry and the Vermont descendants is not John himself but is assumed to be John's grandson Joseph, now believed to be the father of Joseph of Vermont.

More DNA tests will be needed. In particular, we now need male descendants, with the Sackett name, of one of John of New Haven's  sons other than Lieutenant Joseph Sackett.

More explanation and charts are on the website at DNA project

30 September 2011

New on sackettfamily.info

This month's update to the Sackett Family Association website includes the following new and revised pages:

    * Florida death indexes
    * Frederick Plummer Sackett gallery & descendant chart
    * Added RSS feed from TSFA blog to What's new? section on home page
    * Added Subject Index to Site Map
    * Updated 2012 Sackett reunion, Westfield, MA
    * New members 333 Cinda Simmons, 334 Sara E "Kit" Bowser
    * Member's page revised 17 Ray J Sackett

19 September 2011

Are you planning to attend the 2012 Sackett reunion?

This is a reminder that in the next week or so, I will be giving the hotel in Westfield, MA a room count for them to hold a block of rooms for us for our Sackett Family Reunion next year. If you are planning to attend the reunion and have not already advised Debbie Barbee or me that you will be coming and how many people are in your party, please let me know as soon as possible. For your reference, the dates of the reunion are: September 20–22, 2012.
Also, if you are planning to attend and are coming from somewhere local to Westfield and do not need a hotel room, we’d still like to know, so we can get an idea how many and who are planning to attend.

Thanks for your help!
Sharon Powalka

31 August 2011

New on sackettfamily.info

This month's update to the Sackett Family Association website http://sackettfamily.info/ includes the following new pages:

• British Postal Service appointment books, 1737–1969
• UK Railway employment records, 1833–1963
• Probate index, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, 1761–1900
• Births, Guernsey
• Deaths, Guernsey
• Ancestors and Descendants of Frederick Plummer Sackett
• Adopt-a-newspaper research project (39 records added; total 1,225)
• New members 329 Donna Grote, 330 Peggy Lockwood, 331 Nigel "Ollie" Sackett, 332 Anna Shaffer
• New and revised profiles 132 Jean Carpenter

Thurmon King has transcribed Andrew P Sackett's book Ancestors and Descendants of Frederick Plummer Sackett. By coincidence, one of this month's new members, Peggy Lockwood, is a descendant of Frederick Plummer. We welcome her and all new members.
Karen Gerke has contributed more extracts from Minnesota newspapers. Any member willing to help with the newspaper project, do please get in touch. There are thousands more to be researched and transcribed!

23 August 2011

Sackett Family Association President's Message—Member Profiles

Some of us have had the pleasure of meeting other Association members at one or more of the Sackett reunions. But many of us have not met and we know little about each other.
Space is available on Member's Pages on the website to include a short profile. This is a great way to share a few personal details with other members, and help us to get to know each other. Some suggestions for information likely to be of interest are: occupations or former occupations, where you live, where you were born, how you became interested in Sackett family history, details of any particular Sackett research you are engaged in, and any other hobbies or interests. A couple examples which may give further ideas are on Glenna Hertzler's page and Thurmon King's page.
Please send your profiles to me (or if you prefer send them to the Sackett mailing list and I'll pick them up there). I will post them on your Member's Page with the next website update, and will include a link in "What's new?" on the home page. Photos to accompany your profile should be sent to me, not to the list, as the list cannot process attachments.
Members who already have profiles may like to review them to see if they need updating.

Chris Sackett
TSFA President

31 July 2011

New on sackettfamily.info

This month's update to the Sackett Family Association website http://sackettfamily.info/ includes the following new pages:

* Memoirs of Flora Hermosa MacDonald (1888–1921) & her husband Loren Leroy Taylor
* Memoir of Nelle Loriene Taylor (1916–2009)
* Flora Hermosa Macdonald (1888–1921) gallery & descendant chart
* Jeremiah Sackett (1836–1918) gallery & descendant chart
* Marriages, GRO indexes, England & Wales, added 1912–1920
* New members 321 Hilary Kirk, 322 Wendy Bentley, 323 Ken Sackett, 324 Marti Prespentt, 325 Rebecca Couch, 326 DeAnna Sackett Johnson, 327 Lee Lewis, 328 Kim Curry
* Redesigned members' pages
* Updated Thurmon King's database

Willis Jensen responded to the plea for family memoirs with detailed life stories of and by his grandmother and great-grandparents. They make fascinating reading. Thank you to Willis, Leonard John Sackett, and Susan Graetz for supplying pictures.
Members whose Sackett ancestries have not yet been recorded are encouraged to get in touch. Research help to trace your line is at hand if needed. As well as recording Sackett ancestries, redesigned members' pages have links to research items provided by the member.
Thurmon continues to add to his database. It now contains 36,000+ individuals. Details of more than 29,000 of these are online.
Robert M Keir, who died earlier this month at the age of 106, appears on the Sackett snippets page as the oldest Sackett descendant.

13 July 2011

Sackett Family Association President's Message

During my year of service as your president I aim to post a "TSFA President's Message" on about a monthly basis. My general theme will be to encourage more participation in researching our Sackett heritage and recording it for future generations.
There has been a huge increase in the amount of genealogical data available on the web, so much so that extracting and transcribing the Sackett data alone looks set to be a never-ending job. Although that work is necessary, the data on the web will not be lost if we take our time over it. But there is a great deal of other data that will not find its way into genealogical records, and will be lost if we do not act to record it.
I would like us to think about the information we have on the lives of our own recent Sackett ancestors, and consider what we could add to the Association's databases. Most of us will have memories of grandparents and knowledge of great-grandparents that could and should be recorded for the future.
Information could be in a variety of forms. It need not be a carefully crafted biography (although that would be welcome too!), but could be just a detail such as a marriage date or place. Items covered could include education, occupations, hobbies, religious affiliations, military service, charitable work, political activity, residences, migrations, and more. Especially welcome are photographs of ancestors, or scans of important documents. If you do have a significant amount of information, we can help write up a sketch if that is needed. Individuals of interest for inclusion in the Sackett databases are all Sackett descendants, whether of the name or not, and their spouses.
May I urge you to take a look at what is presently recorded on your ancestors on the Sackett Family Association website and give some thought to what information you could add. Please look at both the genealogy record accessed from your member's page in the members' register and at Thurmon King's separate database. The new information may be sent to this list, or to me, or to Thurmon.
We are careful not to infringe privacy, and as a general rule do not publish information on those still living. If you wish to have information on the living recorded, please send it to Thurmon (rather than to the public List). He will add it to his database for later release.
Chris Sackett
TSFA President

30 June 2011

New on sackettfamily.info

This month's update to the Sackett Family Association website http://sackettfamily.info/ includes the following new pages:

• England & Wales census 1911
• Channel Islands census 1911
• 2012 Sackett reunion, Westfield, MA
• Genealogical Register of the Descendants … of Robert Day
• Member's page revised 320 Kelly Wauthier

Because of a strict 100-year rule the 1911 UK census has only just been published. The records on Ancestry.com are not yet fully indexed, so transcriptions made so far are only of households where the head was a Sackett. Further transcriptions will be added when indexed records are made available. This was the first UK census where the forms were completed by the householder rather than by an enumerator. The householders' signatures, reproduced on the page of transcriptions and on their biographical sketches, provide something of a personal link to our ancestors of a hundred years ago.

18 June 2011

Sackett Family Association chooses new officers

The Sackett Family Association Committee have chosen new officers. The following will serve for the year 2010–11:
  • President—Chris Sackett
  • Vice President—Debbie Barbee
  • Secretary—Glenna Hertzler
  • Registrar—Jean Carpenter

04 June 2011

2012 reunion will be in Westfield, MA

Sharon Powalka and Debbie Barbee, convenors of the 2012 reunion, announce that the next Sackett Family Association reunion is to be held at Westfield, Massachusetts, from 20 to 22 September 2012.
Westfield has a huge amount of Sackett history and is perhaps the most often found place name in our records. Sharon and Debbie met there recently and have checked out possible hotels and local events, as well as historical Sackett places.
The proposed dates are set to coincide with The Great New England Fair which runs from 17 to 29 September at nearby West Springfield.
As always, the best hotel rates will be had if we are able to make a block booking at an early date. It is important, therefore, to get indications of numbers planning to attend.
Please leave a comment on this blog to let others know your plans.

31 May 2011

New on sackettfamily.info

This month's update to the Sackett Family Association website http://sackettfamily.info/ includes the following new pages:

• Notables Hon William Augustus Sackett (1811–1895), U.S. Representative from New York
• Notables Julia Sanderson Sackett (1888–1975), singer and actress
• Notables Nancy (Davis) Reagan (1921–), former First Lady of the US
• Theodore Rudolf "Rhode" Sackett (1887–1953) gallery
• Lemuel Miller Sackett (1831–1908) gallery
• James Parker Sackett (1847–1922) gallery
• Adopt-a-newspaper research project (166 records added; total 1,186)
• Sackett snippets—some Sackett superlatives
• New members 315 Raymond E Roberts, 316 Marc Howard, 317 Kerri Kafut, 318 Terry Lee Williams, 319 Graeme Lewis, 320 Kelly Wauthier

Newspaper abstracts added this month are mostly of marriage and death announcements appearing in the New York Times (98 items), Los Angeles Times (25), and Chicago Daily Tribune (31).

The page of Sackett snippets is by way of a challenge -- if you have Sackett records that beat those listed, or have come across other unusual items, please let us know. Write the List or me.

Thanks to members Alice Sackett, Raymond Roberts, and Marc Howard for supplying photographs, and to Mary Lou Petrie for the Nancy Reagan tree.

30 April 2011

New on sackettfamily.info

This month's update to the Sackett Family Association website includes the following new pages:
* United States 1890 veterans' schedules
* United States Civil War (Union) draft registrations records 1863–1865
* Idaho marriages
* Carl Sackett knew what the West was really like—memoirs
* Rosetta Sackett (1819–1903) picture gallery
* Notables: Rear Admiral Albert M Sackett (1920–), TSFA member who fought in three wars
* Notables: William Edgar Sackett (1948–1926), New York Times journalist and political author
* Adopt-a-newspaper research project (87 records added last 3 months; total 1,020)
* New members 313 James Sackett, 314 Ryan McFarland
The Civil War veterans' schedules of 1890 fill many gaps left by the destruction by fire of the 1890 Federal census papers. And the registrations for the Civil War draft include most of the young Sackett men of the period, with details of age, residence, and occupation (including Chester Sackett, a loafer!).
Many thanks to Barbara Bell for the pictures in the Rosetta Sackett gallery. Bill Sackett also sent in an interesting item in the form of a telegram to his father Samuel Nelson Sackett from Senator Robert F Kennedy (see Nehemiah Jobe Sackett gallery). Historic photographs are of course always welcome, but so too are other documents of historical significance.
The number of records in the newspaper transcriptions project has topped 1,000. New genealogical information is to be found in birth, marriage, and death transcriptions from the Hartford Courant and the Washington Evening Post.

Celia is newest Sackett

Celia Sackett Hernandez, daughter of Heather Louise (Sackett) Hernandez, and granddaughter of Association member Leonard Arden Sackett, was born on Saturday, 23 April, in Waterford, Michigan, another descendant in the Vermont line of Sacketts.

31 March 2011

New on sackettfamily.info

This month's update to the Sackett Family Association website includes the following new pages:
• Frederic Moseley Sackett (1868–1941) picture gallery
• Missouri marriages
• Notables Dr Mary Lou Sackett-Penn (1949–2011), TSFA acting president
• New members 301 Amber Redman, 302 Sandra Kelly, 303 Franklin D Wells, 304 Charles Nelson Sackett, 305 Terry J Sackett, 306 Jerry Meguiar, 307 Linda Curran, 308 Amy Crooks, 309 Judi Purser-Alexander, 310 Ruth Rowles, 311 Michael James Sackett (California), 312 Shaun Sackett
• Revised 299 James Sackett (Nebraska)
The Frederic Sackett gallery includes pictures from the German Federal Archive of Ambassador Sackett's time in Berlin in the early 1930s.
New members—a bumper crop of 12 this month, making 19 in the last two months—are very welcome. It has been interesting to see cousins making new acquaintances on the mailing list. Members are reminded that their ancestors' pages on the website show the names of other descendants who are in the Association.

21 March 2011

Founder member Mary Lou Sackett dies

Association founder member Mary Lou Sackett has died, on 20 March 2011, from the recurrence of cancer which she had courageously fought off some seven years ago.
Mary Lou will be remembered with great affection by those Association members who had the privilege of meeting her at the Sackett reunion in Boston in 2006 and again the following year at Fort Wayne, a reunion which she herself organized.
Mary Lou served on the committee of the Association from its formation in 2003 until 2008, becoming vice president in 2007 and taking on the role of acting president in 2008 when president Fred Sackett had to step down for health reasons. She had been an active Sackett family researcher from a young age, particularly of her Vermont line, and was a member of the Sackett mailing list from its beginnings in 1997.

28 February 2011

New on sackettfamily.info

This month's update to the Sackett Family Association website includes the following new pages:
• Bible of Adam Tredwell (1772–1852)
• Wills, Administrations, & Inventories, England, 1800s
• Nehemiah Jobe Sackett (1817–1887) picture gallery
• Updated Thurmon King's database
• New members 294 Larry Youmans, 295 Richard Sackett (Virginia), 296 Beth Lee, 297 Martha Knott, 298 L John Sackett, 299 James Sackett (Nebraska), 300 Richard Hearn
Thurmon King has added some 1,200 people to his database since the last update, making a total of 35,700. For privacy reasons not all of these are published but the total of those that are published on the website is 29,354, up from 28,167 last time.
Thanks to Bill Sackett for the pictures of six generations in his line. Other members: do please look out any historic photographs in your line and make your contribution to the Sackett story.
Welcome to all new members, and a special welcome and congratulations to Richard Hearn, our 300th member.

17 February 2011

General Register Office fees are "ridiculous"

The nonsense of the UK General Register Office allowing access to birth, marriage, and death data only by buying a certificate has become more nonsensical with a hike in fees from £7 to £9.25 for the certificate—which for most family historians' research purposes is not even wanted.
It is pleasing to see (Daily Telegraph, 16 February, p. 22, "So am I really related to Nell Gwynn?") that the Society of Genealogists would appear to agree. Their "top ancestor-hunter", Else Churchill, is quoted as saying, "It's ridiculous that they only issue information in certified form."
A modest charge for sight of this data for the Sackett study alone would have netted the GRO several hundred pounds. Fees of more than £20,000 are out of the question. The GRO have therefore received nothing.

27 January 2011

Sackett Association helps Clinton Police identify rediscovered 1796 gravestone

When police in Clinton, Connecticut, found an old gravestone during building work in the basement of their station earlier this month they turned to the Sackett Family Association for help in identifying the cemetery it had come from. The stone was inscribed "In Memory of Ruth Sackett wife of Solomon Sackett who died March 27th 1796 in the 41st year of her age."
Association historian Thurmon King found an entry for the burial in Donald Lines Jacobus' Families of Ancient New Haven, showing that Ruth had been buried in the Old Graveyard in North Haven. The stone is soon to be returned to its proper place.
The story is told in the North Haven Citizen.
(Picture: North Haven Citizen).