28 February 2011

New on sackettfamily.info

This month's update to the Sackett Family Association website includes the following new pages:
• Bible of Adam Tredwell (1772–1852)
• Wills, Administrations, & Inventories, England, 1800s
• Nehemiah Jobe Sackett (1817–1887) picture gallery
• Updated Thurmon King's database
• New members 294 Larry Youmans, 295 Richard Sackett (Virginia), 296 Beth Lee, 297 Martha Knott, 298 L John Sackett, 299 James Sackett (Nebraska), 300 Richard Hearn
Thurmon King has added some 1,200 people to his database since the last update, making a total of 35,700. For privacy reasons not all of these are published but the total of those that are published on the website is 29,354, up from 28,167 last time.
Thanks to Bill Sackett for the pictures of six generations in his line. Other members: do please look out any historic photographs in your line and make your contribution to the Sackett story.
Welcome to all new members, and a special welcome and congratulations to Richard Hearn, our 300th member.

17 February 2011

General Register Office fees are "ridiculous"

The nonsense of the UK General Register Office allowing access to birth, marriage, and death data only by buying a certificate has become more nonsensical with a hike in fees from £7 to £9.25 for the certificate—which for most family historians' research purposes is not even wanted.
It is pleasing to see (Daily Telegraph, 16 February, p. 22, "So am I really related to Nell Gwynn?") that the Society of Genealogists would appear to agree. Their "top ancestor-hunter", Else Churchill, is quoted as saying, "It's ridiculous that they only issue information in certified form."
A modest charge for sight of this data for the Sackett study alone would have netted the GRO several hundred pounds. Fees of more than £20,000 are out of the question. The GRO have therefore received nothing.