17 February 2011

General Register Office fees are "ridiculous"

The nonsense of the UK General Register Office allowing access to birth, marriage, and death data only by buying a certificate has become more nonsensical with a hike in fees from £7 to £9.25 for the certificate—which for most family historians' research purposes is not even wanted.
It is pleasing to see (Daily Telegraph, 16 February, p. 22, "So am I really related to Nell Gwynn?") that the Society of Genealogists would appear to agree. Their "top ancestor-hunter", Else Churchill, is quoted as saying, "It's ridiculous that they only issue information in certified form."
A modest charge for sight of this data for the Sackett study alone would have netted the GRO several hundred pounds. Fees of more than £20,000 are out of the question. The GRO have therefore received nothing.

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