31 March 2011

New on sackettfamily.info

This month's update to the Sackett Family Association website includes the following new pages:
• Frederic Moseley Sackett (1868–1941) picture gallery
• Missouri marriages
• Notables Dr Mary Lou Sackett-Penn (1949–2011), TSFA acting president
• New members 301 Amber Redman, 302 Sandra Kelly, 303 Franklin D Wells, 304 Charles Nelson Sackett, 305 Terry J Sackett, 306 Jerry Meguiar, 307 Linda Curran, 308 Amy Crooks, 309 Judi Purser-Alexander, 310 Ruth Rowles, 311 Michael James Sackett (California), 312 Shaun Sackett
• Revised 299 James Sackett (Nebraska)
The Frederic Sackett gallery includes pictures from the German Federal Archive of Ambassador Sackett's time in Berlin in the early 1930s.
New members—a bumper crop of 12 this month, making 19 in the last two months—are very welcome. It has been interesting to see cousins making new acquaintances on the mailing list. Members are reminded that their ancestors' pages on the website show the names of other descendants who are in the Association.

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