30 April 2011

New on sackettfamily.info

This month's update to the Sackett Family Association website includes the following new pages:
* United States 1890 veterans' schedules
* United States Civil War (Union) draft registrations records 1863–1865
* Idaho marriages
* Carl Sackett knew what the West was really like—memoirs
* Rosetta Sackett (1819–1903) picture gallery
* Notables: Rear Admiral Albert M Sackett (1920–), TSFA member who fought in three wars
* Notables: William Edgar Sackett (1948–1926), New York Times journalist and political author
* Adopt-a-newspaper research project (87 records added last 3 months; total 1,020)
* New members 313 James Sackett, 314 Ryan McFarland
The Civil War veterans' schedules of 1890 fill many gaps left by the destruction by fire of the 1890 Federal census papers. And the registrations for the Civil War draft include most of the young Sackett men of the period, with details of age, residence, and occupation (including Chester Sackett, a loafer!).
Many thanks to Barbara Bell for the pictures in the Rosetta Sackett gallery. Bill Sackett also sent in an interesting item in the form of a telegram to his father Samuel Nelson Sackett from Senator Robert F Kennedy (see Nehemiah Jobe Sackett gallery). Historic photographs are of course always welcome, but so too are other documents of historical significance.
The number of records in the newspaper transcriptions project has topped 1,000. New genealogical information is to be found in birth, marriage, and death transcriptions from the Hartford Courant and the Washington Evening Post.

Celia is newest Sackett

Celia Sackett Hernandez, daughter of Heather Louise (Sackett) Hernandez, and granddaughter of Association member Leonard Arden Sackett, was born on Saturday, 23 April, in Waterford, Michigan, another descendant in the Vermont line of Sacketts.