30 June 2011

New on sackettfamily.info

This month's update to the Sackett Family Association website http://sackettfamily.info/ includes the following new pages:

• England & Wales census 1911
• Channel Islands census 1911
• 2012 Sackett reunion, Westfield, MA
• Genealogical Register of the Descendants … of Robert Day
• Member's page revised 320 Kelly Wauthier

Because of a strict 100-year rule the 1911 UK census has only just been published. The records on Ancestry.com are not yet fully indexed, so transcriptions made so far are only of households where the head was a Sackett. Further transcriptions will be added when indexed records are made available. This was the first UK census where the forms were completed by the householder rather than by an enumerator. The householders' signatures, reproduced on the page of transcriptions and on their biographical sketches, provide something of a personal link to our ancestors of a hundred years ago.

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