13 July 2011

Sackett Family Association President's Message

During my year of service as your president I aim to post a "TSFA President's Message" on about a monthly basis. My general theme will be to encourage more participation in researching our Sackett heritage and recording it for future generations.
There has been a huge increase in the amount of genealogical data available on the web, so much so that extracting and transcribing the Sackett data alone looks set to be a never-ending job. Although that work is necessary, the data on the web will not be lost if we take our time over it. But there is a great deal of other data that will not find its way into genealogical records, and will be lost if we do not act to record it.
I would like us to think about the information we have on the lives of our own recent Sackett ancestors, and consider what we could add to the Association's databases. Most of us will have memories of grandparents and knowledge of great-grandparents that could and should be recorded for the future.
Information could be in a variety of forms. It need not be a carefully crafted biography (although that would be welcome too!), but could be just a detail such as a marriage date or place. Items covered could include education, occupations, hobbies, religious affiliations, military service, charitable work, political activity, residences, migrations, and more. Especially welcome are photographs of ancestors, or scans of important documents. If you do have a significant amount of information, we can help write up a sketch if that is needed. Individuals of interest for inclusion in the Sackett databases are all Sackett descendants, whether of the name or not, and their spouses.
May I urge you to take a look at what is presently recorded on your ancestors on the Sackett Family Association website and give some thought to what information you could add. Please look at both the genealogy record accessed from your member's page in the members' register and at Thurmon King's separate database. The new information may be sent to this list, or to me, or to Thurmon.
We are careful not to infringe privacy, and as a general rule do not publish information on those still living. If you wish to have information on the living recorded, please send it to Thurmon (rather than to the public List). He will add it to his database for later release.
Chris Sackett
TSFA President

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