01 June 2013

New on SackettFamily.info

The Sackett Family Association website has been updated with the following:
Most descendants —
  • Our Sackett researchers have so far identified no fewer than 15,691 descendants of Thomas Sackett the elder —1,944 in the English line and 13,747 in the American line of Thomas's grandson Simon Sackett the colonist.
This item appears on Sackett snippets on the website. If you have found an unusual Sackett item, please post to the Sackett mailing list or email the Webmaster.

Another number —
  • Visits to this Blog have just passed the 10,000 mark.


  1. Chris, please write to me if this interests you. I was in an antiques shop today in Southern RI where I live and found a leather bound antique book of the poetry of John Milton. Inside the cover is a hand written note that it is part of the private library of Mary Sackett Hank. I think it says Hank. Not sure. Because your family has ties to Providence I thought you might be interested. I only paid 4 bucks for the book and I'm not trying to sell it to you. But I'd like to know who Mary was. Can you verify this is a Sackett of your clan? My name is Lisa Laidlaw. lmcclure@rwu.edu

    1. Lisa has kindly supplied a scan of the note and close inspection suggests the name could be "Hunk". However, Mary Sackett Hank/Hunk is not found in our records. So this remains an open question. Anyone having information, please advise.

  2. How can I get in contact with you all. My husband, Mark Fairchild, his Grandmother was Sarah Blackwell Fairchild... She was the daughter / grand daughter of Jacob Blackwell and she actually grew up on Blackwell Island with her family. We have original pictures. Also we have a bound book from the Fairchild/Blackwell family line.... My father-in-law was Ross Fairchild (Blackwell), his mother was Sarah Blackwell Fairchild... His father was Daniel Fairchild and they were the original owners of land (Homesteaded) in Danville Illinois. As we were cleaning out Dad and Mom's house last summer - we found many things of history from the Blackwell/Fairchild family, including many old photos - including an original photo of the Blackwell House on Blackwell Island (now Roosevelt Island)... Who can I contact? Mark and Jane Fairchild, at fairchildtree@gmail.com Thank you.

    PS - Fairchild Hall is located at Illinois State University - this is my husband's Great Uncle who was a brother to Daniel Fairchild (Mark's Grandfather)...

    1. You are welcome to join the Sackett Family mailing list and the Sackett Family Association. See http://sackettfamily.info/association.htm for details.
      I have also forwarded your enquiry to TSFA historian Thurmon King, who may have more information.