03 June 2016

J E Sackett identified as Jacob Edwin Sackett, son of Orsemus

A long-standing mystery of the identity of J E Sackett, found in numerous newspaper stories in the 1880s as the proprietor of the Dime Museum in Minneapolis, has been solved. Despite his obvious gift for self-promotion, he was only ever referred to by his initials.
It had been assumed that a bizarre marriage announcement in New Zealand, "Married. Sackett–Brewer—Mr. J. E. Sackett, Evanston, Illinois, U.S.A., to Miss Margaret Brewer, Melbourne, Victoria. No cards. No cake. Nobody's business." also referred to the same man.
Recent research findings, in particular a divorce in Denver, Colorado, and the 1896 will of Orsemus Sackett, have established that J E was Jacob Edwin Sackett, a son of Orsemus. Father and son were not close—indeed, Orsemus was not close to any of his sons, cutting off all three of them (Jacob, Henry, and Fitch) with a derisory $1 inheritance each.

01 June 2016

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  • Jacob Edwin Sackett (c1850–1898), flamboyant impresario who sought his fortune by entertaining the masses with everything from freak shows to opera. The "J E Sackett", found in numerous self-publicizing stories in Minneapolis newspapers and in the bizarre marriage announcement in New Zealand (No cards. No cake. Nobody's business.), is here identified as a son of Orsemus Sackett (1826–1896), the eccentric inventor and newspaper vendor of Grand Rapids, Michigan.
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Chris Sackett
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