31 October 2016

New on sackettfamily.info

The Sackett Family Association website has been updated with the following:
  • New members 547 Linda Martinez, 548 Michael Clark
  • Added The Sackett Book Project.
    A Sackett book is being compiled, to be published on completion as an e-book. The book will contain genealogical sketches of all known early Sacketts up to the generation that includes the grandchildren of Simon Sackett the colonist, with further generations added in subsequent editions.
    The book will present the records in a logical genealogical sequence, enabling the reader to trace the history of the family through time, generation by generation.
    The Sackett Book Project page lists those Sacketts so far identified for inclusion in the book, arranged in the order of the book. Names are linked to person pages, and there are "Previous | Next | Index" links on each individual's page.
See Change Log for all updates to the website.

Chris Sackett
TSFA Webmaster

25 October 2016

Still no end in sight to mailing list failure

Apart from a couple of brief periods in September, the Sackett mailing list on RootsWeb/Ancestry has now been out of action for more than two months. This follows a period of intermittent working and a few days of major problems when RootsWeb's spam filters failed.

RootsWeb's failure to keep users informed of their progress in fixing the problems only adds to everyone's frustration. The most recent information on their website, billed as “Current Issues on RootsWeb” and dated 29 August, is nearly two months old.

An enquiry today elicits the information that they are "upgrading their technical infrastructure", and that "everything should be working as normal again" when the upgrade is completed. Unfortunately, they have no idea when that might be.