10 March 2018

Sackett mailing list is back online

RootsWeb mailing lists are back online. Subscribers to the Sackett list may again send and will receive email messages. The address is as before: sackett@rootsweb.com.
Some changes to the RootsWeb website have been made. The new Sackett pages are found here:
The web address for these items shown in the footer of list emails is an old, now defunct, address. Correction of the footer information awaits further development of the RootsWeb system.
The archives and associated information pages are public, and subscribers to the Sackett list do not need a RootsWeb password to view them. However, subscribers to multiple RootsWeb lists may find it convenient to manage their subscriptions by creating a login password at http://home.rootsweb.ancestry.com/listindexes/setupmail.
The Sackett list owners are Terri Carlson and Chris Sackett. They will help with mailing list issues sent to sackett-owner@rootsweb.com.

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