31 March 2019

Who was Samuel S Sackett?

Association member Myra Roper recently found a record in Genealogical and Personal History of Western Pennsylvania for the hitherto unknown Harry Oliver Sackett (1868–1926), a "prominent citizen" of Sewickley, Pennsylvania. The record gives some detail of his maternal ancestry, but is silent on his father's side.
Further research has revealed that his father was Samuel S Sackett (1842–1932), but then the trail goes cold, and it has not yet proved possible to fit Samuel into our various Sackett trees.
There are plenty of records for Samuel, but unfortunately none that gives a clue to his parentage. Indeed, his own son Leroy was unable to provide the names of Samuel's parents for his death certificate.
Some of the records are somewhat contradictory—to the extent that it seems possible that there were two Samuel S Sacketts. There are records of two marriages, with apparently overlapping dates, and this adds to the confusion. However, it is surely unlikely that there were two men of the same name, of similar age, in the same area. Were this the case, we would then have two mysteries.
Suggestions as to Samuel's parentage will be gratefully received.

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